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It is said marriages are made in heaven and its just formality that we meet our soul mates here on earth to celebrate our marriages. There are various ways and means through which we meet our soul mates.

Some meet them in schools, collages, in office, busses, trains, blogs, websites (Orkut, Facebook etc) the list is endless. In India some still prefer to choose our life partner with consent of our parents, by choosing one that blends in the family better. The reasons may be many, parents are conservative, one did not get time to choose his/her soul mate in school or college and so why not choose the way parents want, until now no one aroused interest and so want to find other means of finding the other half.

There are various institutions offer their services for a monetary charge to help you find one the "vivah mandals". There are vivah websites where you can pay and search your soul mate in website like Maratha,, Maratha These institutions and websites also helpful to you if want to search for your son, daughter, brother, sister or other relative.

Yet the question arises "If marriages are made in heaven, then why we need to pay to see or meet them?". "Why doesn't the creator of marriages in heaven create a means which is free way to vivah?"

Yes, there is,  is one and only site offers free register, search and contact all 100% free.

The concept was borrowed as thus, if emails, community websites, blogs, news are all free on the internet why not matrimonial websites?  The came into being with this innovative concept. If this concept is successful (with active support from its users) we will never have to pay in the

Niteen , Software Consultant

Annual Income : Rs. 10 lac & above
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